Forest Resources: the geopolitical importance of wood resources

October 18, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Saunders 624 Add to Calendar

Forests play a vital role in all aspects of the society from ecological climate change mitigation to ensuring local welfare to yielding one of the few renewable, carbon neutral materials on the planet. The talk examines the alternative futures scenarios that different countries such as Finland, Russia, Brazil, and China have already chosen as the basis of their forest strategies. This talk also touches on the role of China and other developing countries in the use of forest resources globally - or what it means for the rich to provide the poor with toilet paper.

Tähtinen Miia is visiting the Futures program from Helsinki, Finland. She received her M.Sc. (Eng) in forest industry from Helsinki University of Technology. Since her graduation she's worked within the international forest and IT industries in Finland, China and Siberia. She also teaches at her alma mater and the Helsinki University as well as working on her doctorate in Futures Studies, driven by the shocking discrepancy between the exponentially growing demand for forest products in China and the supposedly inexhaustible resources in Russia.

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