Roman Gladitorial Games

November 5, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art Add to Calendar

Man against Beast: Who is the Real Winner? Supplying Exotic Animals for the Roman Gladiatorial Game-an illustrated lecture by Dr. Michael MacKinnon. University of Winnipeg

Popular conceptions of Roman amphitheatre games, formed on the basis of select references in the ancient texts, scattered images from Roman art, and idealized Hollywood recreations, often involve sensationalized accounts of ferocious beasts pitted against one another, or matched with gladiators. Man bravely triumphs over beast in the end. This illustrated lecture interprets ancient exotic animal capture, transport and maintenance. Animal capture involved ambush, deceit, baiting, hiding, trapping, and sneaky, cowardly behavior. The presence of camel, panther, ostrich, and bear bones in 5th - 6th century AD deposits in Italy shows a persistence of exotic animal imports well into late antiquity for gladiatorial games.

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LLEA, Archaeological Institute of America, Mānoa Campus

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