A case study of traditional Japanese theater in Digital Humanities

April 25, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Moore Hall 319 (Tokioka Room), 1890 East-West Rd. Add to Calendar

Dr. Beng Choo Lim is an Associate Professor of Japanese Studies in the National University of Singapore.

Her talk entitled "Building PerformCT - a case study of traditional Japanese theater in Digital Humanities" is on an interactive website she created in 2017, called PerformCT. This is an interactive website designed to act as a digital tool in the research and teaching of traditional Japanese theater. She writes: The site is a collaborative work with the digital scholarship team at my university library. The main goal of the website is to use digital technologies to consolidate and present research works and performance records of traditional performing and theatrical arts in contemporary time.

As a noh researcher and teacher of traditional performance, the impetus for the site was simply the wish to have a reliable and convenient digital source to which students and scholars could visit for references and images on noh. It is not that such digital platforms do not already exist, but they are often wanting in one way or another. As I develop the idea further, an interactive multimedia digital platform became the best option.

To date, most theater studies Digital Humanities projects focus on the archival and transla- tion of stage productions. PerformCT differs from other digital projects in that its scope is broader, and it attempts to meet the needs of both general and specific users. My presen- tation will focus on the advantages and challenges in using digital technologies in the re- search, preservation and outreach of traditional theater, using PerformCT as a case study.

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