Seminar: Integrating diverse values into watershed management

January 17, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Mānoa Campus, 443b Saunders Hall Add to Calendar

This is a public seminar from Dr. Leah Bremer, Assistant Specialist, University of Hawaiʻi Economics Research Organization, Water Resources Research Center

Managing watersheds for multiple benefits including for water quality and quantity and linked cultural, ecological, and economic values is one of the most pressing resource management challenges in Hawaiʻi and globally. Applied, interdisciplinary research plays a crucial role in meeting this challenge by illuminating the social, economic, and biophysical factors influencing watershed management and the many ways that people use and value these systems. In this seminar, I present applied research payment for ecosystem services programs in the Andes and on watershed management in Hawaiʻi to illustrate approaches to incorporating multiple values into resource management and planning. Together this work demonstrates how explicitly addressing diverse uses and values of water and watersheds can create more durable and equitable outcomes.

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Geography & Environment, Mānoa Campus

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