Library of Clouds: A New Book on Daoist Revelation

November 4, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Add to Calendar

A Library of Clouds, released on Oct 31, 2020, constructs new ways of understanding the complex authorship of texts like the Scripture of the Immaculate Numen and their place in early medieval Daoism. It stresses their significance in understanding the ways in which manuscripts were written, received, and distributed in early medieval China. By situating the scripture within its immediate hagiographic and ritual contexts, it suggests that this kind of revelatory literature is best understood as a pastiche of ideas, a process of weaving together previously circulating notions and beliefs into a new scriptural fabric.

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Center for Chinese Studies/Dept. of Religion, Mānoa Campus

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Jialin Sun, 8089562663,, Webinar flyer (PDF)

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