Hawai'i Botanical Society Meeting

March 9, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Virtual (Zoom) Add to Calendar

First quarterly meeting of HI Bot Soc for 2021!

This quarter's guest lecture will be given by Dr. Donald Drake (School of Life Sciences, UHM) on "The roles of non-native animals in seed dispersal and seed predation in Hawaiian forests."

Birds and mammals play key roles in plant reproduction by acting as seed dispersers and seed predators. In Hawaiian forests, native animals have largely been replaced by invasive, non-native species. This talk will explore the extent of these changes and discuss the implications for the future composition of Hawaiian forest communities.

Delissea waianaeensis

Delissea waianaeensis at Pahole NAR now relies on non-native birds for seed dispersal.

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Hawai'i Botanical Society, Mānoa Campus

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Arby Barone, 8085948392, rbarone@hawaii.edu, http://hibotsoc.org

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