Perspectives on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation

March 22, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Add to Calendar

This panel will explore the workings of blockchain technology and its implications for the law. The audience will learn about how the technology originated and has been applied to cryptocurrency and other industries, as well as how governments around the globe and Asia in particular have grappled with regulating blockchain technology. Drawing on his recent book Blockchain Democracy: Technology, Law and the Rule of the Crowd (2020), Prof. Magnuson will begin the discussion with an overview of the technology and the challenges and opportunities presented by decentralized systems. Prof. Johnstone will examine how different regulatory approaches across jurisdictions are impacting the development of the technology and the sustainability concerns presented by such fragmentation, based on the analysis in his book Rethinking the Regulation of Cryptoassets: Cryptographic Consensus Technology and the New Prospect (forthcoming 2021). Finally, Dr. Jiang will focus on China's recent policy innovations and explain how they are simultaneously pro-blockchain and anti-cryptocurrency, incorporating her study and article on Regulating Blockchain? A Retrospective Analysis of China's Blockchain Policies and Regulations (2020).

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Center for Chinese Studies/East-West Center/Pacific-Asian Legal Studies/William S. Richardson School of Law/Shidler School of Business/Asian-Pacific Business , Mānoa Campus

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