Lau Hala Weaving with Wesley Sen

March 27, 9:00am - 11:00am
Mānoa Campus, Lyon Arboretum, 3860 Manoa Rd Add to Calendar

Wesley Sen was mentored by Beatrice Krauss 40 years ago and introduced to Native Hawaiian weavers at a conference at the Lyon Arboretum. Wesley was initially taught by his friend’s grandmother Julia Puou of Opihihale South Kona on how to weave a basket and a hat. Today, Wesley teaches lauhala and Kapa making classes at Ka Papa Lo'i O Kanewai back of UH Hawaiian studies.

Session 1: Peahi: Lauhala Fan

Learn the basics of weaving lauhala pandanus leaves in this weave-along webinar! Price of the class includes the leaf material needed to create your Lauhala fan. Each strip of Lauhala in your kit was prepared from a whole leaf. The leaf had to have its thorns removed, cleaned, flatten, and cut into strips called Koana. In making hats, these strips are called Mau'u. In weaving lauhala, the horizontal strip is called the Moe which means to lay down or sleep and the vertical strip is called the Ku which means to stand up. To weave is Ulana.

After signing up for the class, when you call Lyon’s main office to pay, please schedule a time to pick up your lauhala kit. Kits will be available 2 weeks before the class.

Session 2: Eke: small basket

Now that you know the basics of lauhala weaving, learn how to make a small basket! The strips of lauhala are called Koana. The horizontal strips are called Moe. The vertical strips are called Ku. To weave is Ulana. In making any basket the key is making Kihi or the corners. A square basket has equal amounts of Koana but a rectangular basket has different corners which are same on the front and back but not on the sides.

WHEN: SESSION 1 Saturday, March 27th, 9am – 11am; SESSION 2 Saturday, April 3, 9am – 11 am

COST: $40 for each Session ($20 class fee and $20 supply fee)

TO SIGN UP, see our website (below, under 'more information')

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