SCEP Live Online with Storyteller Kathy Collins

April 7, 10:00am - 10:45am
Mānoa Campus, Hosted by Kaunoa Senior Center Online Add to Calendar

Since the age of 13, Maui girl Kathy Collins has performed as a storyteller, stage and film actress, radio and television personality, stand-up comic, emcee, and dancer. She is also a newspaper columnist (The Maui News) and freelance writer. With her pidgin-speaking alter ego, “Tita”, she has “talked story” across the state and the mainland, from the Hawaii Book & Music Festival to the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival.

Folk Tales and Legends from Around the World:

Tuesday: We’ll begin our journey here at home with a couple of Pele tales. Since Kathy considers Pele the ultimate tita, she’ll let her alter ego Tita do the telling. And since Tita only speaks pidgin, we’ll start with a brief lesson on Hawaii Creole English (HCE).

Wednesday: We’ll share fun stories of universal truths. From Scandinavia to West Africa, people (and the tales they tell) are more alike than not.

Thursday: Before Mother Goose, Hans Christian Andersen, and Walt Disney entered Kathy’s life, her Issei (1st generation Japanese) babysitter and her mother filled her head with classic children’s stories from Japan. Tita and Kathy will share her favorites.

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