Entrepreneurs' Bootcamp 1B

February 12, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Shidler College of Business Add to Calendar

PACE is pleased to host a free 4-part series of workshops for anyone who would like to learn the lean startup methodology and fundamentals that will help build a solid business model. Whether you're operating an existing business and exploring new opportunities or pursuing a new business idea, this methodology will equip new founders with practices that can be applied to any business. Each Bootcamp will cover different topics, including Market Research and Opportunity, Value Proposition, Competitive Advantage, Customer Validation and Segments, Product Market Fit, Minimum Viable Product, Channels, Revenue Streams and Unit Economics. The links to register and details can be found at https://pace.shidler.hawaii.edu/uhvc/bootcamps/ The Bootcamps are free to participants, due to generous sponsorships from Hawaiian Electric Industries and Hawaii Technology Development Corporation.

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Shidler College of Business - PACE, Mānoa Campus

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PACE, 8089565083, pace@hawaii.edu, https://pace.shidler.hawaii.edu/uhvc/bootcamps/

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