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May 6, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Zoom Meeting Add to Calendar

Fuel Transport Considerations in Hawaiian Basalt Systems

by Mr. G.D. Beckett1 and Dr. Iris van der Zander2

1Aqui-Ver, Inc. and 2Hawai‘i Department of Health

The migration of fuel after a release is a complex process, controlled by geology, fluid characteristics, and other factors. The multiphase mechanics of fuel migration is more complex than groundwater flow, and Hawaiian basaltic settings provide the potential for both rapid transport and attenuation and buffering after the spill has stopped migrating. Of these factors, geologic complexity plays a strong role, particularly for fast-track pathways. The observational evidence of the November 2021 Red Hill fuel release indicates it reached the water production shaft in a matter of days, which is consistent with the broader Hawaiian experience and multiphase mechanics. This presentation will focus on the geologic and related factors controlling fuel transport at Hawaiian volcanic sites, such as Red Hill, and some observations of the resulting complexity. The presentation will also discuss fuel transformation products as both indicators of weathering, but also the implications those transformations may suggest for transport and risk.

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