WRRC 2024 Spring Seminar

April 12, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Zoom Meeting Add to Calendar

Microbial Water Quality Indicators, Their Sources, and Potential Health Risks in American Samoa and Hawaiʻi Watersheds

by Dr. Marek Kirs

Microbial water quality indicators, currently used to evaluate recreational water quality, are abundant in Hawaiʻi soils where they can grow, therefore do not necessarily indicate elevated health risk when detected in our streams and coastal waters. In addition to soils and sewage, microbial water quality indicators can originate from various animal sources, complicating the application of meaningful water quality management strategies in Hawaiʻi. Based on the recent study we completed in American Samoa, which (1) tested four microbial source tracking (MST) markers for specificity and sensitivity, and (2) explored microbial indicator, MST marker, and pathogen concentration in soils and streams, it is evident that other tropical islands likely face similar challenges to those we face in Hawaiʻi and American Samoa. Current ongoing efforts in Hawaiʻi to link current and alternative microbial water quality indicators’ concentrations to the estimated health risk will be discussed.

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