"Supporting Families in Transition: It Doesn’t Have to Get Ugly"

April 17, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Online Add to Calendar

"Mediation Professionals in the Field" presents: "Supporting Families in Transition: It Doesn’t Have to Get Ugly" with Katie Bennett and moderated by José Barzola ----- About Session: Conflict is stressful for everyone, but it is especially toxic for children. By supporting families to reach agreements without resorting to litigation, we create better outcomes for families as they grow and change. ----- About Speakers: Katie Bennett, Esq, MSW is the founder of Family Mediation Hawai‘i, a settlement-focused, collaborative law firm helping families through difficult transitions. Katie and her staff help parents reach child-focused settlement agreements that allow divorcing and separating families to move forward without litigation.As a mother of three, Katie understands the toxic effect sustained parental conflict has on kids. Her background in family law, conflict resolution, social work, family systems theory, child welfare, mental health, substance abuse, intimate partner violence, and child development provide the expertise to assist families in navigating the complexities and pitfalls of co-parenting from separate households. ----- Co-Sponsored: Conflict Resolution Alliance, and Conflict and Peace Specialist “Mediation Professionals in the Field” is in collaboration with: Family Mediation Hawaii • The Hawaii State Judiciary - Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution • The Hawai'i State Bar Association – ADR Section • Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution, and Community Mediation Centers: Kaua`i Economic Opportunity, Inc. Mediation Program • Ku`ikahi Mediation Center • Maui Mediation Services • The Mediation Center of the Pacific • West Hawai`i Mediation Center

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Conflict and Peace Specialist, Mānoa Campus

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Jose Barzola, 8089562690, caring@hawaii.edu, https://hawaii.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcud-CtrjsoHNfICnC48L1pk61kTZIagUj-

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