Phoebe Cummings: Cella

February 24, 2013 - April 5, 2013
Mānoa Campus, Art Building, Unversity of Hawai'i Art Gallery

Material and process are crucial elements for artist Phoebe Cummings. She uses unfired clay to create unique, temporary installations in response to each specific place or venue. Cummings works on site to produce multitudes of small, shaped pieces of clay that are put together to develop larger pieces that eventually change and disintegrate over time. Previous installations have included delicate, miniature landscapes and works of dense, ethereal flowers and foliage. Captured as a memory or photograph, her ephemeral works accentuate and contrast with the labor-intensive processes involved in its creation.

Illuminated by dramatic lighting, a cave-like environment with works evocative of stalagmites and stalactites is at the center of the plans for "Phoebe Cummings: Cella," an intriguing, site-specific installation at the University of Hawai‘i Art Gallery. She will begin by pressing wet clay through a fine wire mesh, similar to that of a tea strainer, to produce a small mass of closely clustered strands. Hundreds of clusters will be prepared and carefully connected to construct the larger forms. Since the works are made of unfired clay, they will continue to evolve throughout the duration of the exhibition. Images and videos of the artist at work on this installation will be projected on the walls of the gallery.

Photo: Phoebe Cummings, work-in-progress (raw clay) Camden Arts Centre, London 2012 photo by: Sylvain Deleu.

Ticket Information
Gallery hours: Monday - Friday 10:30-5:00; Sunday 12:00-5:00. Closed Saturdays; Spring Break, Mar. 25-29; Easter, Mar. 31. Admission is free. Donations are appreciated. Parking fees may apply.

Event Sponsor
Department of Art and Art History; College of Arts and Humanities; and Mānoa Arts & Minds, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Sharon Tasaka, 956-6888,,

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