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Lineage : A Family Tree of Printmakers

January 7, 2013 - May 27, 2013
Manoa Campus, Hamilton Library Alcove

Lineage is a new exhibition curated by Erika Molyneux and sponsored by the Honolulu Printmakers showcases artists who have made significant contributions to the strong printmaking tradition of Hawaii.

The exhibition is a genealogy chart or family tree of printmakers, emphasizing the relationships connecting various generations of artists.

Print artists in the exhibition are recognized for either their teaching, scholarship of printmaking tradition, the construction of community-access studios, facilitation of visiting artists, financial support of other printmakers & printmaking activities, or the creation of culturally significant and widely influential artworks.

The Honolulu Printmakers is the oldest nonprofit printmaking organization of its kind west of the Mississippi River and is one of Hawaii’s oldest art organizations. Started in 1928 by Huc Lucquiens and Alice Poole, the organization promotes the appreciation and understanding of printmaking and print production. The Printmakers is supported by members, community corporations, state and private foundations.

Honolulu Printmakers provides the local community with a variety of programs and services, including: exhibitions, community-access print studio, limited print editions, lectures and technical workshops with visiting artists, and leadership stemming from our officers and board of directors.

Erika Molyneux conceived, researched and curated this important exhibition. She teaches traditional and digital arts at Sacred Hearts Academy and serves on both the Honolulu Printmakers Board of Directors and The Gallery Iolani Advisory Board. She also exhibits her own work locally and has received awards from The Honolulu Printmakers, The Digital Artists’ Society of Hawaii, and The Honolulu Museum of Arts.

For specific information about the Honolulu Printmaker’s exhibit, please contact:

Curator: Erika Molyneux, 808-341-5348;

Executive Director: Laura Smith, 808-536-5507; laura@honoluluprintmakers

For more information about Hamilton Library’s exhibit galleries and display spaces, please contact Teri Skillman, 808-956-8688 (

Ticket Information
Free & open to public during building hours

Event Sponsor
Honolulu Printmakers & UH Manoa Li brary, Manoa Campus

More Information
Teri Skillman, 956-8688,

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9:00pm Movie Night: Skyfall
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