Zoology Final Oral

April 22, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Mānoa Campus, Biomedical Sciences Bldg., Rm. T208

"Why Study Just One Reef: Spatial Patterns of Environmental Heterogeneity and Genetic Relatedness for the Coral, Pocillopora damicornis."

Event Sponsor
Kelvin Gorospe, Zoology, Mānoa Campus

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Monday, April 22

7:30am Maui Campus, Pilina Bldg., Wellness Center
10:00am Mānoa Campus, Dept of History Library, SAK A-201
10:00am Mānoa Campus, Legacy Pathway
10:00am Mānoa Campus, CMORE Moore Conference Center
12:00pm Mānoa Campus, Post 126
2:30pm Mānoa Campus, Paradise Palms
3:00pm Mānoa Campus, Holmes Hall 287
3:30pm Mānoa Campus, Biomedical Sciences Bldg., Rm. T208
3:30pm Mānoa Campus, Marine Science Building 114
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