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2013 Ambassador Bill and Mrs. Jean Lane, Jr Lecture in Sustainable Tourism

November 25, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Manoa Campus, 2560 Campus Road, George Hall 227

As a large global industry, tourism impacts environments, economies and societies, making it central to the sustainability debate.  The pressing global issues of climate change, human rights, wealth dis-equities, and environmental pollution mean that innovative methods and new technologies are needed for tourism sustainability. 

Dr. Pauline Sheldon will discuss how IT is improving the sustainability of destinations, travel firms, and tourist behaviors through technologies, such as environmental management systems, global positioning systems, geographic information systems, location-based services, community informatics, and virtual tourism.

Dr. Vladimir Eskin will discuss the concepts and trends in Big Data and Open Data, giving examples of big data companies and the type of tools they use to collect, visualize, and create data-driven content.  He will suggest what students and professionals need to know and prepare themselves for future applications of IT in the travel industry. Dr. Eskin has also provided a big data tourism tool to the TIM School that is currently being used by students and state researchers.  The panelists will comment on the implementation and applications of the Hawai‘i State visitor data portal.

There will also be a panel for discussion after the presentations. The panelist include Dr. Pauline Sheldon, Dr. Vladimir Eskin, Dr. Daniel Spencer, and Daniel Nahoopii. Dr. Juanita Liu will also be the moderator for the event.

Admission is free. RSVP by Wednesday, November 20, 2013. Seating is limited.

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TIM School, Manoa Campus

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Tia Ikeno, 808-956-3617,

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Manoa Campus, 2560 Campus Road, George Hall 227
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