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John Sayles Film Series

February 13, 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Manoa Campus, Art Auditorium

John Sayles, who influenced a generation of independent film as the "Godfather of Bootstrap Cinema," will be the 2014 Inouye Chair in Democratic Ideals. Preceding in residency in February, the American Studies Department is presenting a series of his films, co-sponsored by the College of Arts & Humanities and the Academy for Creative Media.

  • Sept. 26, Brother From Another Planet

  • Oct. 17, Matewan (This screening will be in the Architecture Auditorium)

  • Nov. 7, Eight Men Out

  • Nov. 21, The Secret of Roan Inish

  • Dec. 5, Passion Fish

  • Jan. 16, Lone Star

  • Jan. 30, Casa de los Babys

  • Feb. 13, Amigo, featuring a Q & A with the filmmaker

  • Screenings will take place in the Art Auditorium, except for Matewan (Oct. 17), which will be in the Architecture Auditorium.

    Event Sponsor
    American Studies Department, College of Arts & Humanities, The Academy for Creative Media, Manoa Campus

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    Thursday, February 13
    9:00am ARCC/EAAE 2014 International Conference
    Manoa Campus, School of Architecture
    10:00am Join the Manoa Peer Advisors Program
    Manoa Campus, Campus Center Forum
    11:30am Valentine's Day
    Honolulu Campus, 2
    12:00pm Ma'i Lepera: Disease and Displacement in Nineteenth-Century Hawai'i
    Manoa Campus, Henke Hall 325
    12:00pm Communication and Information Sciences Final Oral
    Manoa Campus, 3G Hamilton Library Basement
    12:00pm Manoa Sophomore Experience Fraps & Sweets
    Manoa Campus, Campus Center, Executive Dining Room
    1:30pm Social Science Speaker Series Annual Talk
    Honolulu Campus, Building 2, Room 201
    1:30pm Movers & Shakers of Hawaii Nei
    Manoa Campus, Hawaii Hall Lawn
    2:30pm Student Recreation Services Membership Fee Implementation
    Manoa Campus, PE/A Complex Rm. 241 (Lecture Hall)
    3:00pm Joint IPRC-Oceanography Seminar
    Manoa Campus, Marine Sciences Building (MSB) 100
    4:00pm John Sayles Film Series
    Manoa Campus, Art Auditorium
    4:30pm Chinese Studies Public Lecture
    Manoa Campus, Keoni Auditorium, Imin Conference Center, East-West Center
    6:00pm Receptions for "2014 MFA Thesis Exhibitions"
    Manoa Campus, Art Building, University of Hawai'i Art Gallery
    7:30pm HamSlam!
    Manoa Campus, Hamilton Library Alcove
    7:30pm The Secret Art of I Liq Chuan
    Manoa Campus, Campus Center Executive Dining Room
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