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What Does Intuition Look Like?

April 10, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Manoa Campus, Krauss Hall 12

The way we see things changes them, and the things we see change us. If two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different, doesn't that mean we're all creating our own reality all the time? In this artist's talk, photographer Jean Miele shares his work, and thoughts on photography as an extraordinary form of everyday magic – a means of exploration, divination, and transformation – readily available to us all.

Recognized for his finely crafted digital photographs, Jean Miele’s photographs have been exhibited in galleries from New York to Norway. He is also internationally known as an educator whose “digital darkroom” workshops demystify Photoshop and empower students to realize their own photographic vision. Jean has taught for ICP, Adobe Systems, Fuji USA, B&H, Maine Media Workshops, and many others. To see his latest work, please visit:

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Free Public Event

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Pacific New Media, Outreach College, Manoa Campus

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Susan, 956-8244,,

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Thursday, April 10
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Manoa Campus, Krauss Hall 12
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