E Ola Kakou

September 21, 2015 - September 24, 2015
West Oʻahu Campus, UHWO Campus

A week-long promotion of healthy living and wellness.

Each day of the week brings new opportunities to better our ways of living in our community.

Monday, September 21

Suicide prevention awareness + Free hugs,
10am-2pm, Courtyard

Tuesday, September 22

Suicide prevention awareness, 1pm-3pm, Courtyard
Mala Harvest Day, 3-5pm, Hale Kuahuokala
Zumba, 4-5pm, The Loft

Wednesday, September 23

Health and Wellness Fair, 10am-2pm, Courtyard
Basketball, 11am-2pm, Library Dock
Volleyball, Kickball, Horseshoe, 11am-6pm, Great Lawn

Thursday, September 24

Ulu Planting, 10am, Near parking lot
Malama Kou Kino Cultural Fair, 10am-2pm, Hale Kuahuokala


Event Sponsor
PIKO Project, Office of Student Life, Counseling Services, Intramural Sports, Health Center, West Oʻahu Campus

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