English faculty candidate: Melissa Michal Slocum

February 14, 3:00pm - 4:15pm
Mānoa Campus, KUY 410

Melissa Michal Slocum, of Seneca descent, will speak about her work: a living embodiment of Truth and Reconciliation in the way that it is mapped through the knowledges of my people.

The Good Mind is the value system of Haudenosaunee communities. We seek to impart peace, equity and justice in relationships, and good health and reason. For this reason, performativity is important to my work. I choose certain formal writing conventions to enact such a performance and because they most help me engage in what I term living experiences. The formal innovations I use craft a performance that respectfully connects a reader with a character which allow readers experiential moments where they themselves take on trauma or resilience and adds on to their understanding. What arises is a specific impact on the audience. This is not simply about connecting through an emotion that perhaps the reader has had, or an experience they feel is similar, but experiencing that very experience—knowing that kind of trauma. 

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N/A Free & open to public

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English, Mānoa Campus

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S. Shankar, (808) 956-3087, engchair@hawaii.edu

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