Mostly Monthly Reading Series

March 14, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
West Oʻahu Campus, UHWO Library 2nd floor exhibition space

The Best of Aloha Shorts!

Bamboo Ridge Press and the Hawai’i Council for the Humanities brings you The Best of Aloha Shorts, an anthology of some of the finest poems and short stories by local authors from Bamboo Ridge publications. They’ll be performed for you as broadcast by local actors on Aloha Shorts, a Hawai‘i Public Radio show that aired weekly from 2008 to 2012. Three actors and one producer/director from Aloha Shorts will pre-sent a taste of what Aloha Shorts was all about!

And the actors will be:

Kiana Rivera
Karen Kaulana
Dave Lancaster
James &

Event Sponsor
English, West Oʻahu Campus

More Information
Andrew Godefroy, (808) 429-1975,

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