Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)

April 16, 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Honolulu Campus, 874 Dillinghan Blvd

Databases, organized repositories of information, have become indispensable in today's world. In this introductory course you will learn about relational databases and the basics of Structured Query Language (SQL) including sorting; grouping result sets; using DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL. All SQL statements will initially be written for one table. Most practical, modern and relational databases will include a large number of tables and SQL queries have to access information from several tables. This course will introduce you to querying more than one table.

This is a hands-on course covers most of the requirements to take Microsoft's certification (98-364), the Microsoft Technology Associate.

Event Sponsor
PCATT, Honolulu Campus

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