FREE WEBINAR: Discover the Mysteries of the Chinese Language

April 30, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Nowadays we all need something to draw us out of our seclusion and keep us engaged with the world. How about a little learning about the Chinese language?

In this free lunch & learn online webinar, the instructor will discuss: How do Chinese characters work? (Are they really just pictures?) What's up with the Pinyin romanization and all those z's, x's and q's? And what does it mean, exactly, to say that Chinese is a tonal language? This lunchtime presentation will feature ample time for Q&A with the presenter.

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Click "Add to Cart" and complete the registration form. The Zoom link together will be emailed to you afterwards. Registration is possible until April 29.

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Outreach College Professional Programs, Mānoa Campus

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