James Macrae and the Voyage of the HMS Blonde, 1824-25

March 9, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Mānoa Campus

Dr. Brian Richardson, U H Manoa, will discuss The Journal of James Macrae, Botanist at the Sandwich Islands [sic] in the early 1820s. The Scottish botanist traveled to the Islands in 1824-25 primarily to return the bodies of Kin Kamehameha II (Liholiliho) and Queen Kamamalu), who had died of measles in Britain. The botanist traveled within the Islands, leaving a Journal. Dr. Richardson will summarize the voyage and highlight some of the most interesting passages from the Journal. Please contact Prof. Peter Hoffenberg at peterh@hawaii.edu if the Zoom invitation and any other information. Thank you.

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History Department , Mānoa Campus

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