Data Science Friday Seminar: From Physics, Planets, and NASA to Data Science &

September 3, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Online via Zoom

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From Physics, Planets, and NASA to Data Science & Analytics in Consumer Banking

Abstract I will discuss my career path, and the common thread among the different positions that I’ve had along the way: data, science, and analytics. I will discuss how I utilized data in various methods/algorithms/models to further our understanding of Mars, the Moon, and the universe, and in the process sharpened the skills which positioned me for success and led me to my current role in Consumer Banking.

Bio Dr. Milbury is Assistant Vice President and Manager of the Data & Analytics Department at First Hawaiian Bank. She started 4 years ago as a Quantitative Analyst, then was promoted and started building her team after a year or so. In her prior academic career, she earned a BS in Astro/Physics from UC Santa Cruz and PhD in Planetary Physics from UCLA. She has a fellowship through NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and her dissertation was researching Mars’ paleomagnetic fields. Subsequently, she did a postdoc in France at Université de Nantes in the Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique furthering her graduate studies. Her next postdoc was at Purdue University on the science team of NASA’s Gravity Recovery And Internal Laboratory (GRAIL) mission using a shock physics hydrocode to model hypervelocity impact cratering on the Moon, as well as lunar lava tubes and buried impact craters. She was an Assistant Professor in the Physics and Engineering Department at West Virginia Wesleyan College for one year before joining FHB. She has been interviewed by Sky and Telescope Magazine, Hawaii Technology Development Corporation as part of their Women in Tech Series, and served on a local panel for the global Women in Data Science conference organized by Stanford University. Her research projects have been reported on by National Geographic, BBC, AP,, and other international news organizations.

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Hawai‘i Data Science Institute, University of Hawaii

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