High Performance Computing 101 - Onboarding

March 11, 10:00am - 12:00pm
Online via Zoom

Description This workshop is an introduction to using high-performance computing (HPC) systems, specifically the Mana HPC. We can’t cover every case or give an exhaustive course on parallel programming in just two hours of teaching time. Instead, this workshop is intended to give students a good introduction and overview of the tools available and how to use them effectively.

Prerequisites Command line experience is necessary for this lesson. We recommend the participants to go through shell-novice, if new to the command line (also known as terminal or shell). MFA/DUO enabled on your UH Account: https://www.hawaii.edu/its/uhlogin/ Learning objectives By the end of this workshop, students will know how to:

  • Learn about the layout of Mana and the different storage available to use
  • Use the UNIX shell (also known as terminal or command line) to operate a computer, connect to a cluster
  • Submit and manage jobs on Mana using the job scheduler
  • Utilize pre-installed software modules using the modules command

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Event Sponsor
Hawai'i Data Science Institute, University of Hawaii

More Information
c-help@lists.hawaii.edu, http://datascience.hawaii.edu

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