UHMCC @ Noelani

Our Noelani classroom is a mixed aged group (ages 3-5) of up to 16 children, and a mixed-ability group that pairs with up to 6 preschoolers receiving special services in the public school system.  This creates a classroom where every child’s individual needs are met, and children are encouraged to help each other.  This inclusive, sharing environments demonstrates the value of diversity, and respect for others who may think, behave or live in ways that may  be different from your own.  This demonstrates strength-based learning in a unique and powerful way.

Our classroom phone number is (808) 492-8677.

UHMCC @ Noelani Classroom Teachers

Avis Seki
UHMCC @ Noelani site, multi-age

Avis enjoys working with young children "because they remind us to live life to its fullest, to love unconditionally, and to laugh each and every day." Outside of the classroom, Avis likes to craft, shop, and go to movies. Avis earned a BEd in Elementary Education from University of Hawai'i.

Shelley Yorita
UHMCC @ Noelani site, multi-age

"When working with children, I strive to keep everything simple, meaningful, intentional and fun!" Shelley loves Indian food, bean burritos, growing food to eat and watching the clouds roll by. Shelley earned a Masters in Education from University of Hawai'i, Mānoa.


Please note, due to COVID-19, each classroom’s Flow Of The Day may change.  

About UsFlow of the Day
Maps & Directions
Our classroom is located at Noelani Elementary School in Mānoa.
2655 Woodlawn Dr, Honolulu, HI 96822

Noelani Class Flow of the Day
8:00School Opens
Outdoor Play
9:30Snack Outside
9:45Morning Circle
10:00Indoor Play
12:00Bathroom Routine
Indoor Play
3:45Afternoon Circle
4:00Outdoor Play
5:00School Closes
These times are approximate, as the schedule will flex to accommodate the child’s needs and interests.