Documents for Currently Enrolled Families (Medical and other forms to be updated yearly)


If your child needs to take medication please complete the following form:

If your child has a milk intolerance please complete the following forms:

If it is your preference to have your child not be served particular foods due to cultural/religious/vegan or vegetarian reasons, but excluding medical causes (i.e. allergies) or personal preferences (i.e. dislike of certain foods). please read and complete the following form:

If your child has a chronic illness/allergy (i.e. Food allergies, asthma, bee stings, etc.) please complete the following forms with your health care provider:

If your child needs an EPI PEN please complete the following forms:


Work Credit is available for student parents (or their spouses) based upon our current staffing needs.  A current TB and physical is required. Please complete the following forms to be considered for work credit.



Please complete a new Meals Benefit Form (below) if there has been a change in your household income or the number of people in your family at anytime throughout the year.

Please note: Updated MBFs and Meal Enrollment statements are required annually at the beginning of the Fall semester.

Please update your Identification & Contact Card if you’ve moved or changed phone numbers, or if you would like to add/remove people to your emergency contact/pick-up list.

Complete an Occasional Pick-Up Authorization Release form if you would like to authorize a person to do a one time pick-up of your child if they are not on your emergency card.

Please complete and return the following forms: