PATH (Parent And Teacher’s Hui)

Hui is the Hawai‘ian word for a club, team, or group. The Parent and Teacher Hui is an organization that works to support our teachers, parents and children through a variety of activities.

Ways to Support UHMCC

What Does PATH Do?
We offer workshops and host events, like our school-wide Halloween party. We also do a variety of fundraisers which support enrichment programs in all the classes. Previous years we were fortunate to have successful fundraisers with Outback Steakhouse, Jamba Juice, School Kine Cookies and Barnes & Noble.

How Do We Help The School?
While fundraising is not overly exciting, what we do with those funds IS! PATH funds have enabled classes to take learning trips, buy new plants for the native Hawai‘ian gardens, and to provide seed money for playground renovations. Funds have also been given to teachers to allow them to do special classroom activities that the regular UHMCC budget (and the teachers’ salaries!) can’t support. We always welcome suggestions for new fundraisers, as well as the people power to make that fundraiser happen.

Join Us!
We do our best to keep in touch with you by sending out emails with information about upcoming meetings, fundraisers, and events. There should also be information on your classroom’s clipboard, often with a sign-up sheet to encourage your participation. Please feel free to drop a note in the PATH folder (in front of all the parent files) or to contact a PATH board member if you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions…or if you just need a little more information!

Even better: come out and participate! Come to meetings and share your ideas on how to improve the Big and Little Houses. Share your expertise with the keiki in the classroom, or spend some time reading a book or rubbing a back at naptime. Sign up for potlucks and workshops, help out during fundraisers, or work at the annual rummage sale, Halloween party, or End-of-the-Year Aquarium Social Event (and at all other sorts of great events in between!!). We always welcome new faces.

Mahalo nui loa for your time and effort in supporting your teachers and keiki. We hope that we will have the opportunity to meet you soon!

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