About the Grant:

CCAMPIS stands for Child Care Access Means Parents In School. It is a federally funded grant which UH Mānoa Children’s Center received to help student parents pay for their childcare at the UH Mānoa Children’s Center while completing their degree.

UH Mānoa Children’s Center received our CCAMPIS 4-year grant in of the Fall 2018. Thus, our current grant award is open until Fall 2022.  All applicants must apply every year, along with providing all necessary documentation and fulfilling all requirements.

Student Parent applicants are considered for child care assistance through CCAMPIS funding on the basis of eligibility status, financial income, need, resources and family contribution levels.

To learn more about the Dept. Of Education’s CCAMPIS Program visit:

If you have been accepted into our program and would like to apply for our new CCAMPIS Grant with UHMCC and would like to apply for the Spring 2023 semester, please fill out the application here. All applicants will need to submit all required documents to be considered.  Completed applications will then be reviewed by our CCAMPIS staff.  If you qualify and are awarded, you will be notified by our staff.