CIS 720 Seminar – A Governance Model for the application of AI in Healthcare

Please join us on Monday Sep 16, 4:30-5:30 (Hamilton Library 3F), for a talk by visiting AI researcher Prof. Sandeep Reddy.  All are welcome to attend.

Topic: A Governance Model for the application of AI in Healthcare


The re-emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in popular discourse and its application in medicine, especially via machine learning (ML) algorithms, has excited interest from policymakers and clinicians alike. Successes demonstrated by deep learning, used in medical imaging interpretation and clinical decision support, have paved the way for AI to be incorporated into routine healthcare delivery. The potential of these algorithms to analyse medical data and identify patterns of clinical significance presents new opportunities for addressing current limitations in healthcare delivery, such as medical errors, workforce shortages, and inadequate longitudinal care. As the efficacy of artificial intelligence (AI) in improving aspects of healthcare delivery is increasingly becoming evident, it becomes likely AI will be incorporated in routine clinical care in the near future. This promise has led to a growing focus and investment in AI medical applications both from governmental organisations and technological companies. However, concern has been expressed about the ethical and regulatory aspects of the application of AI in healthcare. These concerns include the possibility of biases, lack of transparency with certain AI algorithms, privacy concerns with the data used for training AI models, and safety and liability issues with AI application in clinical environments. While there has been extensive discussion about the ethics of AI in healthcare, there has been little dialogue or recommendations as to how to practically address these concerns in healthcare. This creates a pressing need not only for sound ethical guidelines but also for robust governance frameworks to regulate AI in medicine around the world. In this presentation, I propose a governance model that not only aims to address the ethical and regulatory issues that arise out of the application of AI in healthcare, but also aims to stimulate further discussion about governance of AI in healthcare.


Associate Professor Sandeep Reddy is a certified health informatician and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare researcher based at the Deakin School of Medicine, Geelong. He has a medical and healthcare management background in addition to having completed AI and machine learning training through several sources. He is currently engaged in research about the safety and quality with regards to the application of AI in healthcare delivery in addition to developing AI models to treat and manage type 2 diabetes. Also, he has authored several articles and books about the use of AI in Medicine. Further, he is advising several start-ups that are focused on providing AI solutions for healthcare issues