CIS 720 Seminar – A talk on Community Engagement by CIS Students

This Monday, three CIS students will present an initial stage of their research for the Community Engagement exam in CIS 720 (Monday 4:30-5:30p, HL 3F). All are welcome to attend! A remote poster is attached.

1) Crystal Boyce-Gudat

Title : Trans Youth of ATCI: An Exploration of Community Disempowerment

Bio: As a librarian, Crystal conducted research focused on academic library public services. Her publication history includes studies which grew out of interest in library user experiences, specifically focusing on public services and service points. As a PhD student, she is interested in exploring the intersections of libraries and information technology in higher education environments, the intersection of critical data theories with higher education and marginalized communities, and questions of how statistical analyses reduce complexities and erase intersectional identities. Her background is diverse, including formal and informal education in the information, natural, social sciences, community engagement, critical thinking, instructional design, library management and administration.Boyce-Gudat, CE Poster

2) Yinan Sun

Title: A Community Engagement Project  for Kenya Correspondents Association

Bio: Yinan Sun is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Communication and Information Science Program at University of Hawaii, Manoa. Her research explores how a collective cultural identity has been formed on social media, social informatics and community engagement. She previously worked as a humanitarian aid worker in the communications department of the International Committee of Red Cross for six years. She has a master’s degree in literature from Hiroshima University and a bachelor’s degree in Japanese from Capital Normal University.

3) Yiting Wang
Title: Cross-Cultural Communication: Language Choice Among International Couplehoods
Bio: Yiting is a second-year Ph.D. student, studying Communication and Information Sciences. She got her communication degrees from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. Her research this semester is in social informatics (Tik Tok) and community engagement (international couplehood). She’s a certified translator, and a School of Communications class instructor.