CIS 720 Seminar – A Hands-on Session With Dr. Winter on Individualized Development Plans (IDPs)

Please join us on Monday Oct 7, 4:30-5:30 (Hamilton Library 3F) for a Hands-on Session With Dr. Winter on Individualized Development Plans (IDPs). 

During this seminar, CIS Chair Jenifer Winter will lead us to explore a free online tool that helps PhD students at any stage assess skills and values, plan effectively, and explore career options. Please visit the Imagine PhD site for more information. 

The participants are encouraged to create an account on the site and complete the skill, interest, and values assessments before the next seminar. You will find the results surprisingly useful, as they guide you to a variety of skill development and job cluster resources that include highly useful information about different types of career pathways.

The participants are encourage to take a few minutes to explore and get some initial results.  CIS Chair Jenifer Winter will be leading us through the site during the seminar and talk about ways to use this tool to communicate with mentors (and also how to find various types of mentors!) The results will also be very helpful when we have the CV workshop later this semester.