CIS 720 Seminar- A Talk on Knowledge Graph for Resource Discovery and Navigation: Case of an Interdisciplinary PhD Program

You are kindly invited to join the CIS 720 seminar on Monday, April 15th at 4:30 PM (Hamilton Library 3F) where Stanislava Gardasevic (Stasha) will present her research proposal in progress.

This research addresses the problem of facilitating the discovery of relevant resources that are considered as necessary for the success of a Ph.D. student- e.g. finding an appropriate supervisor, thesis committee members, collaborators; but also information on relevant courses, projects, conferences, labs, etc. This information is intended to support the decision making processes in choosing the most appropriate among given resources, but also improve the circulation of tacit knowledge in the setting.

The proposed solution is based on the knowledge graph technology and the research aims to elicit the methodology for i) identifying user needs, ii) informing the design of the database and visualization of graph and iii) evaluating the perceived usefulness of the new information system.

The case for this research is CIS program, and should include the data on all of the participants (students, faculty, alumni) as well as relevant resources that are publically available. However, other information sources will be examined, and the decision making should hopefully involve the CIS community.

Being the part of this CIS community, you are kindly invited to join the seminar, since your contribution to this research will be immensely valuable and welcomed.

Stasha is a 3rd year CIS Ph.D. student, and teaching assistant/course instructor at Library and Information Science (LIS) Program. Her background is in LIS (International Master in Digital Library Learning). Before coming to UHM, she was working in National Library of Serbia, where she was involved in e-services projects (digital libraries, digital archive, web archive, e-legal deposit, etc.), as well as multiple international projects. Her specialty is in metadata for digital resources and previous research interest was involving Semantic Web technologies (Linked Data & Ontologies).  Her mission is to facilitate information flows and sharing.