Headshot of Dr. Ricardo Lugo

CIS 720 Seminar – Addressing Human-centered Problems in the Cyber Domain

Please join us Monday, 3/28 (4:30pm to 5:30pm), for a talk by Dr. Ricardo Gregorio Lugo, Associate Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Information Security and Communication Technology. Dr. Lugo will give a talk about problems caused by people in the cyber domain and what can be done to mitigate them.


Recent geopolitical events have identified that cyber infrastructure is susceptible to maleficent attacks. Nations are funneling resources in developing both technical defence networks and training personnel to administer these defence networks. But research on cyber defence operators is limited and there is a need to understand what constitutes performance in the cyber domain and which psychological and situational factors are relevant. There is also a need to develop conceptual framework in order to operationalize and test these factors. insights and recommendations for future research and development of training programs for cyber defence operators and how they are relevant in the military domain. This includes identifying relevant psychological factors that are associated to resilient cyber security behaviours and performance. Both human factors and situational demands will be discussed through their interactions. This includes cyber defence operator profiles and identifying behaviours that may influence outcomes as well as identifying situational factors that could also influence performance.


Dr. Ricardo Gregorio Lugo is a psychologist with experience as an applied practitioner, university lecturer and researcher. His current research focus is within behavioural aspects of cyber defense operations, both at the individual and team level. He has expertise in experimentation focused within Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering in cyber defense exercises, where he researched on the interaction of individual aspects of human behavior (microcognition) incorporating concepts such as self-efficacy, metacognition, naturalistic environments and macrocognition.