CIS 720 Seminar- Dr. Brent Oppengaad in Research Agendas as Gardens

Please join us Monday Jan 22 at 4:30 in Hamilton Library 3F for a talk by Dr. Brent Oppengaard, of the School of Communications.
A Research Agenda as a Garden: Tending Multiple Projects, Grants, Papers, etc., for Bearing Fruit
Academic work isn’t like a factory line; it’s more of a dynamic and ever-evolving garden. Seeds get planted. They get nurtured. Sprouts appear at unexpected times. Friends visit. Friends leave. Some things robustly emerge and blossom. Others wither and die. You are the planter. And the nourisher. You keep it all alive. Or not. 
Come to hear and talk with Dr. Oppengaard about his projects and research processes!