Darrah Kayenta

CIS 720 Seminar – Indigenous Spectrum Sovereignty and the Future of the Digital Divide

Please join us at the CIS 720 Seminar this Monday, October 26 (4:30p-5:30p HST) for Darrah Blackwater‘s presentation on “Indigenous spectrum sovereignty and the future of the digital divide.”
Darrah Blackwater is from Farmington, NM and is a citizen of the Navajo Nation. She is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona, where she earned her law degree studying Indigenous law and telecommunications law. She spent a year of law school working on tribal issues in Washington D.C. for the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, the Inspector General of the Department of Interior, and a federal Indian law firm. She has also assisted in building multiple community networks in Indigenous communities, and this summer she hiked the 486-mile Colorado Trail to raise awareness about the digital divide in Indigenous communities. She is currently working as a policy advisor for the Internet Society.
Darrah Kayenta
Photo by Kyle Todichini