CIS 720 Seminar-Simplified Strategies for First Time Flippers

Please join us Monday March 11, 4:30-5:30 in Hamilton 3F, for a talk by CIS PhD students Pam Estell and Alicia Takaoka!
Simplified Strategies for First Time Flippers
Are you planning on going into academia but worried because you have minimal teaching experience?  Pam and Alicia will teach you some active learning teaching strategies using a flipped classroom approach.  This will be an active day requiring participation from both the in person and online folks to teach applicable strategies to use in any classroom.  Prior to the session, please skim the articles, and take this short survey:
Pam Estell has worked in higher education for the last 8 years in various teaching and faculty support positions.  Prior to joining UH’s CIS program, she was an instructional design manager and teaching support specialist at a private college in the Pacific Northwest.  She has taught and trained faculty in course development using the Understanding By Design (backwards design) and ADDIE methods, including how to leverage digital learning tools such as course management systems to make the best use of their time in the classroom, as well as how to maximize effectiveness in fully online classes.  Currently in her third year of the CIS program, Pam is a GA in the School of Communication and will defend her proposal in the early fall.
Alicia Takaoka is in her 7th year in the CIS program and (hoping) to set her proposal defense date for April.  She returned to the Big Island in Fall 2014 where she has been a lecturer at UH Hilo in the English Department and Gender and Women’s Studies program.  She has been teaching for over 5 years, mostly using a flipped teaching approach coupled with project-based and writing-based design.