Data Science – beginning as of 9/2018

Data science is an applied field so that rather than assessing student’s proficiency using written examinations, the data science examinations will be project-based. The student is required to

  1.     Complete CIS 702 and CIS 705 (Data Science Fundamentals) in preparation for the exam area.
  2.     Take at least one semester of CIS 699 with any CIS faculty member in order to work on a data science project.
  3.     Present the data science project at CIS 720
  4.     Submit the project report (8-10 pages) to the exam committee for grading

Both secondary and primary examinations will follow the above format. The project report for the secondary examination must demonstrate proficiency in all areas of the data science body of knowledge. The criteria for assessing the primary examination will be research-oriented: the project report needs to demonstrate a contribution to the body of knowledge of data science and/or to the application domain of the topic studied.

Depending on the student’s specific focus, various faculty will be involved in the exam. Dr. Lipyeow Lim (ICS) will teach CIS 705 and serve as exam chair.  Other faculty might include David Chin (ICS); Rich Gazan (LIS); Jenifer Winter (COM), Kelly Bergstrom; Liz Davidson (ITM), Randy Minas (ITM), Dan Port (ITM).