Information Systems and Services (ISS)- retiring as of 5/2017

This exam encompasses how information systems work, and how they work for people and communities. Topics include: Storing, querying/searching, and updating of all types of data (structured, unstructured, text, graph, multimedia etc.); Relevance ranking; User modeling / Information filtering / Personalization; Bibliometrics/scientometrics; Knowledge and metadata management (including semantics and ontologies); Indigenous knowledge systems; Service evaluation; Information integration and fusion; Data mining and big data analytics.

Prep course(s):
CIS 702 Communication/Information Technologies.

ICS 624 Advanced Data Management and LIS 663 Database Searching are also recommended.

Exam committee: Rich Gazan (ICS/LIS; Chair), Wayne Buente (COM), Vanessa Irvin (LIS).

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