Welcome to the Communicology Faculty!

As part of the reorganization of creating the School of Communication and Information, faculty in Communicology have been added to the Communication and Information Science Graduate Faculty, and thus are potential committee members and advisors.

Two CIS seminars were held in the Fall of 2022 to introduce the new faculty and CIS students to each other.

The faculty are:

Krystyna Aune: My primary line of research is designed to increase our understanding of emotions in relationships. I studied how people in close relationships express and manage their emotions utilizing different methodologies from surveys, diaries, and laboratory studies and experiments.

Jessica Gasiorek: I study the process of human communication – how people process and produce messages, how people accommodate (adjust) their communication for one another, and how people create understanding. I focus on these issues in intergroup settings, which are situations in which people identify themselves and/or others as members of (different) social groups, rather than just as individuals.

Amy Hubbard: The questions that drive my research focus on the role and function of communication during problematic events in personal relationships and whether some of the communication truisms extolled in our everyday lives are valid. One of the main themes in my research is the reinforcement of the fundamental idea that people influence and adapt to each other, particularly in intercultural interactions and between dating partners.

Min-Sun Kim: I received a PhD degree from the Department of Communication at Michigan State University and have specialized in the area of intercultural communication, social influence, and human-machine communication.

Hye-ryeon Lee: My research focuses on investigating normative influences in the context of health. Specifically, I study the process through which culture and social norms influence an individual’s perceptions related to health, and how these perceptions ultimately influence their health behaviors.

Emiko Taniguchi-Dorios: I am an interpersonal health communication researcher, concentrating on the role of communication in sensitive health contexts. My main line of research is on sensitive health disclosure, with a focus on mental illness disclosure and its associated outcomes.