CJS Fall 2009 Seminar Series – October

CJS is pleased to announce a series of diverse and fascinating lectures for the Fall 2009 semester. Below you will find preliminary information on the seminars to be held in October. Check back again later for additional information and updates on the seminars being offered in November and December.

In lectures co-sponsored with the Center for Okinawan Studies, Professor Masahide Ishihara will give two different presentation on October 1st and 2nd. Both presentation will be held in the Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319) at 3:00 pm. Professor Ishihara is a linguist at the University of the Ryukyus. More information on his talk can be found at the Center for Okinawan Studies website.

Dr. Ryoko Matsuba, a postdoctoral fellow at Ritsumeikan University, will give a presentation October 19th on Ukiyo-e and kabuki performance, also in the Tokioka Room at 3:00 pm. Dr. Matsuba’s lecture will explore the process of identifying specific kabuki scenes, situations, and actors in ukiyo-e prints, even in the absence of  inscriptions identifying the role or play being depicted.

Our final October seminar is from Professor Elyssa Faison of the History Department at the University of Oklahoma. Professor Faison will give a lunch-time presentation on October 23rd co-sponsored with the Women’s Studies Department. The exact time and location of Professor Faison’s talk have yet to be determined.

As always, CJS seminars are free and open to the public.

Hope to see all of you at CJS seminars throughout the semester!