Winding up a great Japan trip in December 2019, Professor Mark Levin lectured at Waseda University’s Institute of Comparative Law, had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Kaoru Kashiwagi, J.D. 2006 (Hon.), together with Moon-Ki Chai (J.D. ’90) and David Kuriyama (J.D. ’82), expressing the Law School’s deep appreciation to Dr. Kashiwagi for his many years of support, met former visiting scholars Prof. Teruo Saito and Toru Enoki, and celebrated a wonderful bōnenkai (forget the year) gathering with alumni and friends of Richardson Law School in Tokyo on Dec. 19, organized by the indefatigable Chie Hashimoto.

Richardson-in-Japan bōnenkai event clockwise from left: Michael Wolf, J.D. ’99, Makoto Ibusuki, former Visiting Scholar, Mark Levin, Prof., Steven Howard, J.D. ’98, Kei Kitatani, J.D. ’12, Matthew Grieder, J.D. ’02, Darcy Kishida, J.D. ’01, Kevin Chen, J.D. ’15, Yasuhei Taniguchi, former Visiting Professor, Chie Hashimoto, LL.M. ’06, & Koichi Fukushima LL.M. ’07.

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