Fall 2020 courses

Flyers for Japan-related courses this Fall:

ANTH 462 East Asian Archaeology

EALL 371F Topics in Traditional Jpn Literature: From Beyond the Grave

MUS 311C Japanese Koto Ensemble

MUS 311I Gagaku Ensemble I

MUS 411I Asian Ensemble II (Kabuki Percussion)

THEA 428 Japanese Acting: Kabuki

THEA 420C Intermediate Voice: Kabuki Speech

THEA 499 Independent Research: Kabuki Music (Nagauta)

For a full list of Japan-related courses, click here -- to access this folder, you will need to be signed-in to your UH account. Class details (e.g. time, location) may still change, so please check the UHM Fall 2020 Class Availability page for the latest information.

Summer 2020 courses

On March 31, 2020, UHM announced that summer classes will move online. In-person classes for Session II (July 6 - Aug.14) will be determined by May 15.

For a list of Japan-related courses offered during Summer Session 1 (May 26 - July 2), click here for PDF file.

Please check the UHM Summer 2020 Class Availability site for the latest on class details.