The Japanese-language holdings at the University of Hawaiʻi represent one of the largest in the United States. The University’s Hamilton Library contains more than 125,000 volumes in Japanese, 7,600 microfilm reels and fiche cards, 719 serials, and 1,682 periodical titles not currently being collected. Extensive microfilm files exist for newspapers such as Asahi ShinbunMainichi Shinbun, and Nihon Keizai Shinbun, and Japan Times, source materials on Ryukyus, Okinawa, Hokkaido, Sakhalin and the Kuriles, and Minutes of the Upper and Lower Houses of the Japanese Imperial Diet between 1890 and 1947. CD-ROMs include archival issues of Yomiuri Shinbun, directories, dictionaries, classical literature, performing arts, and Japanese government’s white papers and statistics. Web-based online databases include scholarly and trade journal indexes, encyclopedias, Japanese books in print, and biographical information on notable Japanese individuals.


The Library also has strong holdings of materials dealing with the industrial and economic development of Japan as well as on women in Japan. Since 2002, the Library also started collecting hard to obtain Japanese company, non-profit organizations, and educational institution histories collectively known as “shashi.” With help of grants from the Japan Foundation, North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) and donations from the Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Museum and Kawasaki Prefectural Library, the Shashi Collection grows rapidly (Website: Thirty-one serials and over 600 monographs (in English and Japanese) on Japanese law are housed in the Law Library of the Richardson School of Law.

The UHM Library is a member of the Research Libraries Group of 163 research libraries as well as a member of the U.S. and Japan bilateral Global ILL Framework (GIF), the membership of which includes over 130 Japanese and 70 North American university libraries. GIF provides document delivery services and Interlibrary loan among the members. The Asia Collection Reading Room offers a Japanese Windows PC and PCs equipped with Japanese-language reading software.

UHM Library Japan Collection

UH possesses one of the premier East Asia library collections within its Asia Collection. The library holds 400,529 EA language monograph volumes (including 7,009 e-book titles). Current periodical subscriptions total 2,318, with over 28,000 reels of microfilm. Library patrons have access to over 6,500 CJK files on CD-ROM/DVD and computer files. The library holds another 64,190 EA English language titles. Additional resources on East Asia are in the Art Department’s Slide Library, the UH School of Law Library, the Library’s Archives & Manuscripts, Hawaiian and Pacific Collection, Government Documents & Maps, and Sinclair Library (including Wong Audio-Visual Center). Library patrons have access to 3.3 million print-volumes, more than 304 electronic databases, and 60,200 electronic journals. Several unique digital resources are also accessible via the library server.

The Japan Collection focuses on the humanities, social sciences and performing arts, and is distinguished by several special collections. The Toshiyuki Kajiyama Collection’s colonial Korea and Japanese diaspora resources complement the Library’s Hawaiian & Pacific Collection and the Korea Collection. The Takazawa Collection is a unique set of over 75,000 primary resource items. The Collection is regarded as the largest collection on Japan’s social movement in the 1960s. The Stanley Kaizawa Collection is composed of censored kabuki play scripts, photos of the GHQ Civil Censorship Detachment activities during the Occupation of Japan, and Mr. Kaizawa’s personal accounts of the post-WWII occupation. Efforts are underway to enhance the
core materials on Japan’s indigenous population called “Ainu.” The NRC-EA trip enabled the Japan Studies Librarian to survey available materials and establish resource sharing agreements with the major institutions in Hokkaido where the majority of the Ainu population resides. The Library provides Japanese language reading materials for Japanese language learners at the basic and intermediate levels, with numerous original and reprints of journals and newspapers for researchers and advanced Japanese language learners. The Japan Collection’s rich unique resources attract a stream of students and researchers while reaching out to the wider Japanese studies community.

  • The Hokkaido Collection: 1,000 titles–the best in the United States
  • The Nanyo Collection: 691 titles
  • The Performing Arts Collection: 1,020 titles
  • The Satsuma Collection: copies of original source documents
  • The Hawley-Sakamaki Collection: an internationally recognized collection of Ryukyuan research sources
  • The Kajiyama Collection: represents the personal library of the late novelist Toshiyuki Kajiyama, which consists of 7,000 titles, including historical documents on Japanese emigration, Korea, and 20th century popular culture
  • The Takazawa Collection (Archive of Social Conflict and Social Movements): consists of over 50,000 items of archival materials on postwar Japanese social movements (Web:
  • The Tokugawa and Bakumatsu Collection: academic journal articles focused primarily on the history of the Tokugawa and Bakumatsu periods in Japan
  • The Oliver Statler Collection: documents and sources gathered on Japanese culture, history and art over Statler’s career

For information on any of these collections, please contact:

Tokiko Bazzell
Tokiko Y. Bazzell
Japan Specialist Librarian
Tel: (808) 956-2315

Wong Audiovisual Center in the Sinclair Library

The Wong Audiovisual Center, located in Sinclair Library, maintains an impressive collection that includes over 700 video titles on Japan-related subjects and several thousand on Asia-related topics, as well as an increasing number of Japanese films on videodiscs (DVDs). The Center offers a variety of media materials and equipment–videotapes (including feature films on video), DVDs, compact discs, phonodiscs, filmstrips, CD-ROMS, videodiscs, audiocassettes, thirty video viewing stations, players (CD, videodisc, phonodisc, audiotape), film projectors, slide projectors, and electronic piano keyboards.

Faculty may reserve videos in advance for classroom use or place media on reserve in the Center for their students use. A widescreen projector and video preview room are also available for class use.

To borrow materials, a validated and activated ID (UH Manoa, Community College, or East-West Center) is required. Media check out is typically four days.

For more information, contact the Center at (808) 956-8308

Legal Resources
William S. Richardson School of Law Library

The Law School Library began its Japanese law collection in recognition of the importance of the Pacific Rim to Hawaiʻi and to support research in Japanese law. The Law School maintains strong ties with Japanese legal scholars and academic institutions and this connection has also led to the Library collecting important Japan related legal materials.

In 1998, the collection received a significant gift from Dr. Kaoru Kashiwagi and his wife Mrs. Michiko Kashiwagi, as an endowment to support research on Japanese law. The collection also received a substantial donation of books given by the Kyoto Bar Association in 2002. The library has continued to add important resources in print and electronic formats to the collection on a wide range of subjects related to Japanese law in both English and Japanese. The Japanese law collection covers research materials on virtually any Japanese legal subject. The collection has 592 treatises and 41 serials as of November 2005, and the Japanese language collection consists of 332 treatises, 32 serials, and 1 CD-ROM.

For more information, visit their website: