Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) Graduate Student Travel Awards are for UHM graduate students who focus on Japan to present papers at conferences or attend advanced training workshop on the U.S. mainland and abroad. The award is up to $1,000 for airfare, per diem, and other conference-related expenses.

To apply, students should submit the seven items listed below, organized in that order. As a checklist, please write the corresponding number of each item below (#1 – #7) at the top right corner page of the item. An incomplete application may result in non-funding.

  1. Letter of acceptance or invitation (If student has not yet received official notice of acceptance, he/she should still submit the other application materials in anticipation of their paper being accepted.)
  2. CV
  3. Budget
  4. Paper abstract (written for the non-specialist reader)
  5. A conference flier, brochure, or schedule
  6. Letter from chief adviser
  7. Summary Sheet (click following links for a PDF or Microsoft Word format of the summary sheet).

Please submit applications with by email [] or by dropping them off in person at the CJS Office in Moore Hall, Room 216 .

Students who have received a CJS Travel Award within the past two years will be given lower priority. Travel must begin on or after the application deadline (Up to one year in advance). Deadlines: November 1, February 1, May 1, and August 1.