Selected items from Takazawa Collection on special exhibit at National Museum of Japanese History, Oct. 11 – Dec. 10, 2017


Selected items on loan from the Takazawa Collection in UH Mānoa’s Hamilton Library Asia Collection will be part of the National Museum of Japanese History special exhibit between October 11 – December 10, 2017. If you will be in Japan during this time, you might consider visiting the Museum in Chiba Prefecture.


This special exhibit is entitled 1968: A Time Filled with Countless Questions. From the Museum’s website:

The late 1960s saw mass protests against the Vietnam War, resistance by citizens and residents to the construction of Narita International Airport and outbreaks of Minamata disease, and nationwide university riots that questioned the political and social framework of postwar Japan. This special exhibition focuses on the content of the questions addressed in the diverse movements of the symbolic year of 1968 while presenting the movements as a whole and exploring their modern significance.


The Takazawa Collection is an extensive collection of resource materials on postwar Japanese social movements that was donated to the University of Hawaii by Kōji Takazawain in 1993. The source of the above image and collection description is from the Takazawa Collection website.