UH Visit to Urasenke in Kyoto

Members of the Dr. Soshitsu Sen International Way of Tea Center at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa visited Urasenke in Kyoto on November 19 and 20, 2012.  Teachers and students of Chado from Hawaiʻi attended a memorial tea service honoring Sotan, grandson of Sen no Rikyu.  CJS Director Mary McDonald and Associate Director Gay Satsuma expressed thanks to Urasenke for teaching students at UH Manoa and in Kyoto, and for sustaining the Jakuan tea house at UH Manoa.  UHM Urasenke tea instructor Yoshibumi Ogawa led participants through the cultural hearth of Chado.  UHM students in the group were Diane Chen, Rumiko Kawakami, and Talon Tengan.

Kabutomon Gate, Urasenke, Kyoto
UH students and faculty in this photo:
Front row: Yoshibumi Ogawa, Talon Tengan, Diane Chen, Gay Satsuma
Middle row far left, Rumiko Kawakami, far right, Wayne Muromoto (Leeward CC)
Back row left, Mary McDonald
Grand Master Sen Sōshitsu XVI showed tea implements to his guests at the Sōtanki. Guests included Hawai‘i Urasenke instructor Noriko Cossey (pink) and CJS Director Mary McDonald.