Developing a real time tool to identify the likelihood of avian malaria insitu development to help the targeting of mosquito control efforts

Contributed by Lucas Fortini: ( Contact for more info.

Avian malaria poses the threat of extinction to multiple unique Hawaiian forest bird species. With mosquito vector control as one of the likely tools needed to prevent such extinctions, a tool that helps to identify locations across the state where mosquito control can be prioritized can be critical in allocating scarce conservation resources. Combining daily temperature datasets provided by HCDP with mosquito development rate models calibrated to match field based mosquito occupancy across the landscape, we are generating such a tool. This work builds on a previous effort detailed at Berio Fortini, Lucas, Lauren R. Kaiser, and Dennis A. LaPointe. “Fostering Real-Time Climate Adaptation: Analyzing Past, Current, and Forecast Temperature to Understand the Dynamic Risk to Hawaiian Honeycreepers from Avian Malaria.” Global Ecology and Conservation 23 (September 1, 2020): e01069.

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